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Congressional Liaison

Congressional Liaison

Message to our former FBI colleagues:

Enough is enough!

For years, we have all agreed that serious policy and culture issues have plagued the FBI since before the Watergate era.


Most of us no longer pretend things are right as rain. We know there are serious deficiencies with FBI policy and culture that make it perilous for rank-and-file FBI employees to report abuse of authority without fear of retaliation from rogue FBI managers.

FBI Integrity Project — whose non-partisan mission is to protect the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s integrity by mitigating its capacity and proclivity to abuse its authority and by safeguarding it from undue partisan influence — has launched a congressional liaison program in which YOU, as a former FBI agent or FBI professional, can engage directly with the elected representatives from your district and advocate for FBI Integrity Project’s priorities.

Priority 1 - Advocate for new legislation that ensures rank-and-file FBI employees can report abuse of authority, including the corrupt influence of partisan politics on the FBI’s decision-making, without fear of retaliation from rogue FBI managers.

The FBI needs policy and culture change, plain and simple.

Deficient whistleblower reporting, disciplinary, security clearance, EEO, and promotional processes have led this great agency down a dark path. Worse, systemic culture issues, including pseudo-nepotism leading to a lack of diversity and diverse-thinking, have consolidated power on the 7th floor of the J. Edgar Hoover Building, which often serves their personal or collective interests at the expense of the public interest. By advocating for new policy, legislation, and culture change, FBI Integrity Project intends to empower current FBI employees to speak up when they see abuse of authority without fear of retaliatory personnel action.


Put another way, FBI Integrity Project intends to make rank-and-file FBI employees the public's first line of defense against partisan influence on the FBI's decision-making, should it occur.

To accomplish this, we need a voice on Capitol Hill, unconstrained by current FBI employment or allegiance to an association with a "don't-piss-anyone-off" agenda. The FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) and the Society of Former Special Agents (SOCXFBI) are worthy organizations that serve a noble cause. But neither represents even close to the majority of rank-and-file FBI employees. And, neither has fully identified and advocated for an agenda focused solely on protecting the FBI's integrity, including from the undue influence of partisan politics, by ensuring rank-and-file FBI employees can report abuses of authority without fear of retaliation from rogue FBI managers.

​Priority 2 - Get our elected representatives to take our pledge.

Get our elected representatives to take FBI Integrity Project's pledge. Our pledge asks our representatives to exhibit Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity while working across the political divide to oversee the Executive Branch and its component national security agencies, including the FBI. 

Apply now to safeguard the FBI from partisan politics!

If you don't have the time but still want to support us, here is what you can do:

  • Donate $50 or any amount -- and make it a monthly contribution if possible -- to fund our liaison, communications, and advocacy. 


What we will never do:

  • We will never endorse a candidate for FBI director.

  • We will never represent the interests of current or retired FBI professionals unless those interests are aligned with what is best for the American people.

  • We will never sit idly by while our elected leaders misrepresent the FBI's motives or mistake its actions as sinister, even when its motives or actions are flawed.

Congressional Liaison | United States of America

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