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Current/Former FBI Employees

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FBI Attorneys Needed

Are you a former FBI attorney or agent-attorney? Join us for a special project aimed at creating the policy and culture change necessary to ensure the FBI remains impervious to undue partisan influence. For more information, e-mail us by clicking below.

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Publish Anonymously

As your attorney, FBI Integrity Project will submit your OpEd, book, or quote to FBI Prepublication Review without disclosing your identity. Then, at your option, you can publish your work cited as "an anonymous individual represented by FBI Integrity Project."

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Whistleblower Advice

We are working hard to persuade Congress to pass stronger legislation to protect FBI whistleblowers. In the meantime, we are providing confidential (or if you prefer, anonymous) legal advice to help guide you through the FBI's whistleblower reporting process. Rest assured, we've seen it all. We are here for you.

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Congressional Liaison

Former FBI employees can join our Congressional Liaison Team and advocate for new legislation that will ensure rank-and-file FBI employees can report abuse of authority without fear of retaliation from rogue FBI managers.

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